ZipB — The All You Can Infect Buffet


Oct 3

·8 min read

ZipB — Quick Facts:Expected Damage: Banking, Social and Cloud Account TheftDaily Downloaded Malware Files: ~5000Infected devices per day: ~250–500Total Infected Devices (October 2022): ~50,000Malicious Payload: Variable variants of Zusi, Tiggre, Wacatac, etc.Payload Container: EXE or ZIP (with password “1234”)Malicious Domains in use: 500+ (changes every couple of hours)!First sighting: May 2022Geographical Distribution: World-Wide — Heavily Focused on Romania, Middle-East, and South Asia.Top Target Segments: Gaming, Streaming, Software Cracks, AdultPropagation Methods: MalvertisingDeceptive Download Pages to Gain Confidence

To propagate and push this kind of malware, one of the most popular techniques today is Malvertising — publishing deceptive ads using one or many of the legit ad networks active today. In this case, the ads are download landing pages trying to mimic the real download pages and content the visitor intended

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