Your support must scale: Don’t be like Meta, dev teams

A rash of small businesses on Facebook found their accounts locked after being hacked. And it’s impossible to contact Meta to get the problem fixed.

A trickle of reports have turned into a flood. Meanwhile, businesses, charities and non-profits are losing revenue, while Facebook fails to deliver. Online self-service flows are broken, Meta support follows useless scripts and promised callbacks never materialize.

The moral of the story? Don’t neglect the tooling to support users — even if the service is “free.” In this week’s Secure Software Blogwatch, we are the product.

Your humble blogwatcher curated these bloggy bits for your entertainment. Not to mention: Vandalizing old email.

Facebook farce

What’s the craic? Tatum Hunter reports — “The long, lonely wait to recover a hacked Facebook”:

“Not much appears to have changed”
Lucretia Groce … got kicked out of her account. Someone had posted abusive content from her page. … Her account had been hacked. Groce said she cried for hours.

How, without access to her personal account, could she recover the business page she had worked hard to grow? [She] estimates she has lost $18,000 in income after waiting for months for her account to be unlocked. … Her old videos were still making money … but none of that money was appearing in her bank account.

Her frustrating experience is not unique. [I’ve] received hundreds of emails from people locked out of their Facebook accounts … Many lose their accounts to hackers, who take over Facebook pages to resell them or to game search-engine rankings. … Despite reporting revenue of more than $27 billion

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