Your guide to DevSecOps Automation

What is DevSecOps and its Automation Principles

Jul 18, 2022

7 min read

Sudip Sengupta

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DevSecOps is a modern approach for application delivery that implements security as a shared responsibility throughout application development, deployment, and operation. Given the distributed nature of modern applications, automation is considered key to continuous integration of security analysis and threat mitigation of dynamic workflows. As an extension of DevOps principles,  DevSecOps automation helps administer security controls throughout the development process.

This article discusses the basic principles of DevSecOps automation and how they can help organizations secure their application workflows.

What is DevSecOps?

DevSecOps refers to the integration of security controls into the DevOps pipeline since the initial stages of an SDLC. The model promotes a culture where developers, operations, and security teams collaborate to ensure the enterprise delivers secure software. A DevSecOps practice helps organizations embrace a shift-left approach, where security tests and compliance checks are introduced earlier in the application lifecycle. 

Automation is at the heart of DevSecOps, with the security tools’ continuous monitoring and testing allowing DevOps teams and security experts to focus on activities that enhance business sense. DevSecOps automation simplifies the integration of security approaches into continuous integration and deployment pipelines, reducing the number of errors that occur when security analysis is performed manually. 


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