Worry-free Pentesting: Continuous Oversight In Offensive Security Testing

In your cybersecurity practice, do you ever worry that you’ve left your back door open and an intruder might sneak inside? If you answered yes, you’re not alone. The experience can be a common one, especially for security leaders of large organizations with multiple layers of tech and cross-team collaboration to accomplish live, continuous security workflows.

At Synack, the better way to pentest is one that’s always on, can scale to test for urgent vulnerabilities or compliance needs, and provides transparent, thorough reporting and coverage insight.

Know what’s being tested, where it’s happening and how often it’s occurring 

With Synack365, our Premier Security Testing Platform, you can find relief in the fact that we’re always checking for unlocked doors. To provide better testing oversight, we maintain reports that list all web assets being tested, which our customers have praised. Customer feedback indicated that adding continuous oversight into host assets would also help to know which host or web assets are being tested, when and where they’re being tested, and how much testing has occurred. 

Synack’s expanded Coverage Analytics tells you all that and more for host assets, in addition to our previous coverage details on web applications and API endpoints, all found within the Synack platform. With Coverage Analytics, Synack customers are able to identify which web or host assets have been tested and the nature of the testing performed. This is helpful for auditing purposes and provides proof of testing activity, not just that an asset is in scope.

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