World Password Day: Why are passwords still a problem in 2022?

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World Password Day has come around again. Since its inception, it’s an awareness day designed to promote and reinforce the importance of better habits when it comes to password settings. As such, we expect to be inundated with research highlighting the percentage of consumers who still have ‘poor’ password habits, lists of the most common passwords still in use, and accompanying advice from a multitude of companies reinforcing what ‘good’ looks like.

Now, as passwords are often the first port of call for our online / digital identities – it’s of course important that good habits are encouraged – however, the fact that World Password Day is still needed also highlights a problem that’s not going away. The headlines and research we’ll see on this day won’t have changed, the stories and issues are the same – we’re stuck in Groundhog Day.

With this in mind, we’re taking this opportunity to look into the problem with passwords, and how we might want to change how we think about securing digital identities.

Too Many to Remember

Do you know how many passwords the average consumer has? A recent found that it’s around 100 – an increase of 25% in recent years. That’s unsurprising given the pandemic had us all signing up for new online services – be that for entertainment, personal or work purposes. There are countless other studies out there, and while the average figure may vary slightly, they all point

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