Why Threat Intelligence Matters To Your Organization?

Technological advancements have revolutionized the world’s cultural and economic institutions in almost every aspect. Unfortunately, they have also brought risks in the form of cyber threats. While there are various ways to mitigate such threats, paying importance to threat intelligence can make a difference to your organization.

What Is Threat Intelligence?

Threat intelligence is evidence-based knowledge that allows organizations to mitigate or prevent cyber-attacks. It provides context, implications, indicators, and mechanisms you can use to make well-informed decisions about your company’s security.

Organizations can access this information through ‘threat feeds,’ which provide detection updates. These feeds can be community-based, vendor-based, or public-based. They can also be maintained and generated internally in a proprietary fashion.

Threat intelligence and other cyber security services in Toronto not only help prevent cyber threats but also help in recovering from the damages in case of attacks. If you’re in doubt about threat intelligence, here are the reasons it matters to your organization:

It Helps Prevent Financial Loss

Security breaches can be expensive. More often than not, they can include investigations, lawsuits, and fines that cost millions of dollars. With threat intelligence, you can help your incident response team to make informed and timely decisions to prevent downtime, protect your assets, save your company’s customers and reputation, and avoid data theft.

It Helps Gather Actionable Data

Threat intelligence helps gather actionable data for your business and provides insights about cyber-attack indicators. Such threat indicators include email addresses, servers,

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