Why is Password Reuse One of The Weakest Links in Cybersecurity?

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The use of weak and stolen passwords has consistently been highlighted as the most prevalent hacking technique cybercriminals use year after year. Yet, even at the world’s biggest businesses, many employees continue to use the same passwords for their personal and professional accounts. The most frequent password reuse practice uses the same password and email address or account name for numerous websites and services, such as work email, Netflix, a bank, and a personal email account. Because of numerous threats, password reuse is one of the weakest links in cybersecurity.

It has been recently discovered that 65 percent of people repeat their passwords for several websites and apps. Although, 91 percent of adults believe that using the same or a variant of their password is dangerous. Given that login credentials serve as the first and most straightforward line of defense against threat actors, it is critical to take password security more seriously in the coming months to safeguard people and businesses online presence.



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