Why Is Application Security Important for Business?

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Software applications are integral components of an organization’s success. Unfortunately, while applications are built to support faster growth and enhanced user experience, these are also prone to security incidents in the absence of appropriate security mechanisms. This article delves into application security and why it is vital to adopt the proper practices and tools to ensure attack vectors do not exploit inherent application vulnerabilities. 

Table of contentsWhat is Appsec?Why is application security important to protect customers’ data?Application Security ReportsFrequently Asked Questions for Application securityAutomated testing How to learn more about application securityConclusion What is Appsec?

With the rising adoption of software applications in business, an increase in cybersecurity attacks shows an upward trend. Out of all such attacks, Perforce.com projects that approximately 84% of such cybersecurity attacks are carried out in the application layer.

To tackle such attacks, an efficient Application Security (AppSec) mechanism requires a combination of tools and practices for identifying, remediating, and preventing security vulnerabilities throughout the application development life cycle. By

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