Why Governance, Risk, and Compliance Platform Accessibility Matters

As a governance, risk, and compliance leader (GRC), you already know the value of building a culture of risk at your organization. Risk management is everyone’s job, meaning your choice of GRC software can either accelerate your program initiatives – or block them. 

At LogicGate, we understand that annual risk assessments are often the most far-reaching and visible thing you do. That’s why we’re doubling down on platform accessibility and user experience (UX) to ensure everyone at your organization is enabled and empowered to contribute to your GRC program goals. 

We sat down with Shannon Harrison, LogicGate’s Senior Director of User Experience, to learn why we’re making accessibility and UX improvements a strategic focus in the Risk Cloud® product roadmap. Here’s what she had to say. 

Before building our accessibility roadmap, your team completed several rounds of UX and accessibility research to guide development. What did you learn? 

Shannon: At the beginning of 2022, we partnered with Level Access, a leading digital accessibility solutions provider, to audit Risk Cloud for platform accessibility. The report uncovered several opportunities to improve, which our product team later prioritized and began remediating with help from our design and development teams. This was a big initiative that helped us raise our accessibility compliance and establish a standard moving forward as we continue to build features in Risk Cloud.

Why is platform accessibility so important – especially in B2B SaaS? 

Shannon: Approximately one billion people worldwide live with a disability. Creating accessible digital platforms means we are

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