Why erwin Data Intelligence 12 led me to Quest

Last week, Quest released erwin Data Intelligence by Quest version 12.0, a pivotal release for erwin Data Intelligence customers. Industry analysts, data domain field experts and erwin Data Intelligence customer advisory board members have all shown positive early reactions to its new capabilities in several key areas.

First, erwin Data Intelligence 12.0 delivers new integrated data quality capabilities for customers. Built on the Gartner-recognized DQLabs augmented data quality platform, erwin Data Intelligence’s new data quality offering provides erwin Data Intelligence customers with the ability to leverage erwin Data Catalog metadata to initiate a need for data quality assessment. Customers then use the erwin Data Quality platform to automate the data discovery, profiling and quality assessment of their data sources. All data quality scoring is then visibly shared throughout erwin Data Intelligence alongside data catalog metadata, in data lineage, impact analysis, mind maps and inside asset search results for business users. The new offering raises data quality visibility across customer organizations beyond data quality engineers AND provides a modern data quality toolset including AI/ML-based capabilities and automation not only for initial quality assessment, but for ongoing data observability and continuous monitoring and data remediation if customers choose to take advantage of those additional capabilities.

The data quality platform zeroes in on data observability according to context (metadata) and profiling (data) for real data reliability use cases. It’s a lighter implementation that when used in conjunction with erwin Data Intelligence will help the business understand where the most reliable data exists,

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