Why Cloud Linux Is Beneficial for E-Commerce Stores

Perhaps you’re thinking of launching an e-commerce store, or you already have one and are looking for a flexible and secure way to run it. If so, using Linux in the cloud could be highly beneficial for your business.

Cloud-based Linux solutions offer the inherent security and stability of Linux, along with the well-known flexibility of cloud computing. This article will explore why using Linux in the cloud is beneficial for e-commerce stores, along with some potential challenges you may encounter, to equip you with the knowledge you need to make an informed decision. 

A Cloud-Based Linux Solution Helps Your Store Adapt

Today’s e-commerce stores must be flexible. Using Linux in the cloud supports that reality, giving you room to grow. Linux is an open-source operating system that helps you avoid vendor lock-in. You then have more control over the type of infrastructure you want for your e-commerce store and your preferred operating model. 

In order for your business to succeed and grow, your website must also offer top performance at all times. Otherwise, customers will likely get frustrated, and many will take their business elsewhere given that they have many other options to choose from. Alternatively, customers with consistently excellent experiences at your e-commerce store are more likely to return for future purchases and even recommend it to their friends. Once you begin running your e-commerce site on Linux in the cloud, it’s easy to use website optimization tools to fix problems such as sites that

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