Why automation is critical for scaling security and compliance

As companies are modernizing their tech stacks, many are unwittingly putting their business and customers at risk. Why? Because technology moves faster than teams can keep pace and it’s not feasible for everyone to pick up new skills.

Furthermore, business priorities demand that teams react without the proper time to ensure compliance and security. The faster teams go and the less time they have to learn new skills, more mistakes get made. Increasingly, security incidents are not always due to big hacks or network breaches but because someone inadvertently exposed a password somewhere. Unfortunately, uncovering these mistakes doesn’t usually happen until something goes seriously wrong.

While modernization efforts may look like progress, the hidden risks that are accumulating can be disastrous. This is where automation is critical to scale security and compliance.

A cyclone of challenges

In addition to the risks of moving too fast and the increasing skills shortage, the continual drive for efficiency, scalability, and shift toward hybrid clouds also compounds the situation. Even when companies have compliance and security standards, unless they are baked into every change and someone is overseeing that it gets done, the business is at risk.

I’m not advocating that we return to the old “central services” organizational structure where internal customers made requests and had to wait for IT to complete them. Most companies have empowered developers and engineers to innovate on their own — and want them to have self-service options so nothing slows them down.

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