Which Browser is Best for Online Security?

Today, one of the most popular ways for free websites and browsers to make a profit is tracking and selling user data to advertisers.  While most tracking is behind the scenes and discreet, allowing oneself to be tracked can have negative consequences–attackers often attempt to track users the same way legitimate companies do in order to steal data; not to mention the growing concern of companies using data purchased from legitimate sources to manipulate users.  While it may seem futile to even try to stay private on an internet dominated by companies who have a motivation to make sure their users aren’t private, there are many popular and simple ways to maintain privacy online.

One of the easiest ways to maintain privacy online is to download a secure and private browser.  Because the browser is the interface to the internet, a good browser can make the biggest difference when it comes to protecting your data.  The Tor browser is famous for offering complete anonymity, or the closest thing possible, on the internet.  However, there are many other great browsers with a focus on security without some of the flaws of Tor.

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