What’s Missing in Cybersecurity Education

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Education is the great domino game in the sky that when played with maximum intention, can catapult its heroes beyond the limits of the board and into new dimensions of thinking and practice. When played poorly, the board actors may just as well have squandered their afternoons playing pool, drinking beer and dreaming of what could have been.

We are relaunching our cyber education platform very soon. It’s called CyberEd.io, and it will be chock full of educational content with guest lecture series by some of our biggest names, certification preparation for any and all possible certifications you can imagine, custom, leading edge training on topics ranging from Zero Trust to Critical and Design Thinking, innovative security awareness training and cyber warrior training, mapped to the NIST/NICE working frameworks and all available under one trusted roof.

All taught by leading experts. All curated by leading CISOs.

Which is great,

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