What You Need to Know About the Predator-OS 20.04 LTS Release>

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2 – 3 min read 41 01/05/2022

Predator-OS – “the OS that naturally preys on others”- is a free and open-source security-centric project for penetration testing and ethical hacking that can also be used as a privacy-focued, hardened Linux distro. LinuxSecurity researchers spoke with Founder and lead developer Hossein Seilany to get insight into the unique features and benefits that newly released Predator-OS 20.04 LTS offers hackers, pentesters and privacy-conscious Linux users.

Predator-OS was established in 2021 and is maintained by Hossein Seilany. It is a free open-source community project, Free (as in freedom). The project just recently announced the release of Predator-OS 20.04 LTS. Predator-OS is well-suited for penetration testing and ethical hacking and also provides a secure, anonymized Linux OS. Predator Linux is based on Ubuntu 20.04 LTS Mini, kernel 5.10 LTS, and uses a fully customized xfce4 lightweight desktop with a

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