What You Don’t Know About Cryptocurrency Regulations Can Kill You

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Explosion of Ransomware

Ransomware is taking us ever higher and has seen a significant explosion in 2021, with the global attack volume increasing over 150% for the first six months of the year as compared with a year ago same period.

In the entire year of 2020, researchers logged 304.6 million ransomware attempts, and just between January and June of this year, the ransomware scourge hit a staggering 304.7 million attempted attacks within the SonicWall telemetry alone.

The FBI tells us that there are now 100 different strains circulating around the world.

But ransomware by itself represents only one small component of the attack chain and the one that gets the most press.

Three reasons:

One, it is fairly easy to understand, two, it is steeped in legend, characters and stories and, three, it relies on a vast, yet misunderstood network of money laundering connections to convert and distribute ransoms to the threat actors who perpetrated the ransomware attack.

This network operates in cryptocurrency,

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