What Would You Say to the CEO about Hiring for the Cloud?

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We asked CISSPs and CSSPs around the world, “If you could say anything to your CEO about hiring for the cloud, what would it be?”

Respondents said one of the biggest challenges facing cloud specialists and senior executives in the C-suite is the difference in what each side holds as priority. While senior executives are as passionate as cloud experts about protecting their organization and ensuring security and growth for the long-term — their interests are built around issues of fiscal responsibility. At the same time, cloud specialists seek to explore the people, processes and tools that will help ensure their organization’s protection, security and growth — and that requires a financial investment.

From the perspectives of cybersecurity experts, what should the C-suite know about their organization’s cloud strategy so both sides can work toward their mutual goals?

Hire for Fit, Then Train

First, cyber experts say it’s important to use accurate job descriptions rather than broad-brush generalities when recruiting talent to work in the

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