What We Can’t See Can Hurt Us

In speaking with security and fraud professionals, visibility remains a top priority. This is no surprise, since visibility into the network, application, and user layers is one of the fundamental building blocks of both successful security programs and successful fraud programs. This visibility is required across all environments — whether on-premises, private cloud, public cloud, multicloud, hybrid, or otherwise.

Given this, it is perhaps a bit surprising that visibility in the cloud has lagged behind the move to those environments. This occurred partially because few options for decent visibility were available to businesses as they moved to the cloud. But it also partially happened because higher priority was placed on deploying to the cloud than on protecting those deployments from security and fraud threats.

This is unfortunate, since what we can’t see can hurt us. That being said, it is great news that cloud visibility has become a top priority for many businesses. Here are a few areas where many businesses are looking for visibility to play a key role.


Compliance may not be the most exciting part of our jobs, but it is necessary. Whether because of regulatory requirements, audit requirements, or otherwise, businesses need to show compliance. There are many ways to do so, and visibility is one of them. There is no better way to provide evidence that we are compliant with a given requirement than to have ground-truth data that clearly shows we are.


Before we can detect security and fraud

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