What to Consider When Choosing a Data Modeling Tool

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Many organizations are searching for a data modeling tool as they undertake application modernization initiatives to move from legacy infrastructure and migrate to the cloud. If only migrating was as easy as just reinstalling the app, like we do when switching laptops! But of course, business applications have complex databases behind them, and those databases need to go along for the ride. When an organization needs to design or redesign a database, the data modeling process comes into play.

In the white paper, Top 10 Considerations for Choosing a Data Modeling Solution, the analysts at IT Central Station looked at what actual customers were saying about what led them to select erwin® Data Modeler by Quest® as the tool they relied on as the foundation of their application modernization lifecycle.

Several of the key considerations focus on alignment – to standards, to business objectives and among team members. Having a data modeling tool that’s used by application development and database design teams helps ensure

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