What Is the Impact of AI on Cybersecurity? 3 Interesting Use Cases

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What is the impact of AI on cybersecurity today?

AI is making a difference for companies feeling the pinch of strained resources. The resilience of tech-savvy cyber hackers is another reason cybersecurity strategists are quickly adopting artificial intelligence-powered solutions.

With the increased pace and complexity of digital attacks, analysts can make do with limited manpower, and keep at bay cyber threats no matter the size of company operations.   

Small to large businesses are tapping into AI software to find vital threat data from an ocean of countless news reports, forums, and research papers.

These data-driven AI analytics tools are then enabling cybersecurity professionals to choose suitable protection measures. 

More specifically, various industries are using AI-powered cybersecurity strategies to: 

Prevent malware attacks Ensure network safety against DNS threats And protect employees from social engineering schemes. 

In this article, we’ll be discussing these 3 cybersecurity use cases to uncover the impact of artificial intelligence on cybersecurity. 

Let’s get started. 

1. Social Engineering Protection

Social engineering may come in many shapes and forms in today’s digital climate.

A phishing attack is always lurking around the corner.

Sometimes, a weird-looking email pops up on your company’s account, as a bad actor tries to impersonate one of the partnered brands in an information-swindling attempt. 

Clicking on one of the links leads to a fishy website or platform containing mimicking login portals to key in sensitive information about clients or the business.

The major problem with

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