What is the best cloud security certification, CCSP, CCSK or CCAK?

All three certifications CCSP, CCSK, CCAK focus on different aspects of cloud and cater to different needs. Below is a comparison of these certifications to help you better understand their differences and target audiences.

CCSP (Certified Cloud Security Professional) 

  • Offered by: (ISC)2 in with the Cloud Security Alliance (CSA)
  • Focus: Comprehensive cloud security knowledge and , covering architecture, design, management, and operations
  • Target audience: Experienced IT and security professionals who specialize in cloud security
  • Exam: Requires meeting specific eligibility requirements and passing a comprehensive exam covering six domains
  • Expertise level: Advanced


CCSK (Certificate of Cloud Security Knowledge):

  • Offered by: Cloud Security Alliance (CSA)
  • Focus: Foundational knowledge of cloud security principles, best practices, and technologies
  • Target audience: IT professionals looking to gain a solid understanding of cloud security or starting their cloud security journey
  • Exam: Passing an online examination with 60 multiple-choice questions based on CSA's guidance and the report
  • Expertise level: Foundational to intermediate

CCAK (Certificate of Cloud Auditing Knowledge):

  • Offered by: Cloud Security Alliance (CSA) and the International Association of Privacy Professionals (IAPP)
  • Focus: Cloud auditing, including governance, compliance, , assurance, and auditing processes
  • Target audience: IT professionals, security, privacy, and audit practitioners responsible for assessing and auditing cloud services and
  • Exam: Passing a proctored online examination with 75 multiple-choice questions covering four domains
  • Expertise level: Intermediate to advanced


In summary, the CCSP is an advanced for professionals with a focus on managing and securing cloud environments, whereas the CCSK is a foundational to intermediate certification providing a broad understanding of cloud security principles. The CCAK, on the other hand, is an intermediate to advanced certification that targets professionals responsible for assessing, evaluating, and auditing cloud-based services and infrastructure. Depending on your professional goals and experience, you may choose one or more of these certifications to validate and enhance your cloud security expertise.

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