What is the Android Files Safe folder and how do you use it?


Way back on Android 8, Google introduced a protected folder in the Files application that password protects access to any files within. That protected folder is called Safe folder and it’s built-in and free to use.

If you’re uncertain as to why you might need to use such a file, consider this: You have sensitive documents on your phone

Maybe they were sent to you from your place of employment, or maybe it’s travel documentation, bank documentation, images of your driver’s license, or your COVID vaccine card. 

Whatever it is you want to safeguard from prying eyes, this folder is where you want to save it. 

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Interestingly enough, Google Photos has a similar feature, called Locked Folder, where you can password-protect images such that only those with the passcode can access them. This is the same thing, only in a different app.

Let me show you how to use Safe folder in the Android Files app.

What is the Android Files Safe folder and how do you use it? Requirements

The only thing you’ll need is a device running on at least Android 8 — which should cover just about everyone — as a bare minimum of devices are using an older version of Android. That’s it. Let’s protect some files.
One thing to keep in mind as you follow along is that screenshots have been disabled for certain secure Android

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