What is an email alias?

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An alias is an extra email address that can help you protect your privacy, block spam, and keep your inbox organized.

Your personal email address is an essential part of your digital identity. Like your phone number, you don’t give it to everyone you meet.

That’s why it’s useful to have other email addresses you can use for different purposes. But you may not want the hassle of managing multiple email accounts, each with its own login. That’s where aliases come in.

What is an email alias?
Why use an email alias?
Creating email aliases
How to create an alias in ProtonMail?
How to create an alias in Gmail, Outlook, and iCloud?
How to organize your inbox with aliases?
How to send an email from an alias?
How can aliases help your business?
Aliases for privacy and productivity

What is an email alias?

An alias is an additional email address that you can use with your existing email account instead of your personal email address. Much like an offline alias, an email

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