What is a Brute Force Attack?

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Brute Force Attack – Meaning, Examples And Prevention

Mar 28, 2022
Ivona Simic

A brute force attack is a method of trying to guess passwords, login credentials, encryption keys, hidden web pages, and content and gain unauthorized access to data, systems, or networks. It is a trial and error approach that seeks to exhaust all possible combinations to arrive at the correct password. 

To learn more about brute force attacks, how they are performed, what kinds of attacks exist, and how to prevent them, keep reading!

Table of contentsBrute force attack meaningHow is a brute force attack performed?Examples of brute force attacksBrute force attack toolsBrute force attack preventionFAQ Brute force attack meaning

The name of this attack is derived from its method – there is no complex strategy behind it. Instead, it is a forceful attempt at arriving at the correct result, which may utilize millions of combinations. 

Though it is an old attack type and can take a long to yield results, it is still popular. In preparation for a more profound attack, brute force can be used when other vulnerabilities cannot be exploited as part of a larger attack scenario, such as in the DROWN attack or during the surveillance and infiltration phases.

A successful brute force attack can result in attackers hijacking an account or system, injecting malware, stealing or corrupting data, redirecting traffic from

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