What CISOs Can Do to Win the Ransomware Game

In this Expert Insight, Jeffrey Wheatman, a Cyber Risk Evangelist at Black Kite argues that CISOs need to shift to a more proactive approach to fend off damaging attacks by sophisticated ransomware groups.

Jeffrey Wheatman is a Cyber Risk Evangelist at Black Kite

Ransomware is a game, increasingly played by organized teams with ever-increasing stakes. Because our digital attack surfaces are constantly expanding, we’ve inadvertently given these groups virtually unlimited ways to infiltrate critical systems and wreak havoc on businesses. 

To avoid falling victim, CISOs need to be strategic and one-step ahead. However, doing so can seem nearly impossible. Cyber professionals continue to be hindered by limited funding, massive human capital shortages and the desensitization of audiences that are numb to the constant news of ransomware attacks. With nearly 7 in 10 CISOs feeling that the threat landscape is much more severe now than it was a year ago, it’s time to drive change.

Cyber leaders can shift their approach from reactivity to proactivity. Ransomware may be a permanent fixture in the world of digital business, but there are ways to protect the enterprise against attacks.

Ransomware: Understanding the Common Threads

The key to protecting your business starts with understanding the commonalities across ransomware incidents.

According to recent research, 58% of 2,000 ransomware victims either had remote admin ports open or unprotected internal data shares (or in some scenarios, both). The same research found more than half of these victims also had leaked credentials in the last

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