What Are the Main Types of Penetration Testing?

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Penetration Testing helps organizations assess the security of their IT infrastructure by proactively exploiting system vulnerabilities the same way an attacker would. Organizations can simulate an actual attack in a controlled environment using ethical hacking mechanisms, gaining insights into how threat actors infiltrate the system.

By mimicking the actions of a hacker, security teams can patch up open vulnerabilities that can be potentially exploited to destabilize IT infrastructure, thereby improving the organization’s security posture. A typical penetration test involves identifying vulnerabilities that affect an application workflow.

Table of contentsTypes of Pen Testing:External Penetration TestingInternal Penetration TestingBlind Penetration TestingDouble-blind Penetration TestingTargeted Pen TestingPhysical Penetration TestingDifferences between Penetration Testing and Vulnerability AssessmentWhich Pentest Tool Should I Choose? Types of Pen Testing:

To ensure a comprehensive audit, different types of penetration testing cover specific security goals. Let’s explore these pentest types:

External Penetration Testing

These pentests target IT infrastructure components that can be accessed from the internet. To do so, these tests are focused on

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