Were you caught up in the latest data breach? Here’s how to tell

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Think you’ve been involved in a data breach? This guide will help you find out where and when, and it lists the steps you should take next.

Data breaches are security incidents we now hear about every day. They strike every industry, every sector, and every country. Victims might be individuals, small, independent businesses, non-profits, or large Fortune 500 companies. 

IBM estimates that the average cost of a data breach in 2022 for companies was $4.35 million, with 83% of organizations experiencing one or more security incidents. 

However, talk of the millions of dollars corporations spend to repair damaged systems, perform cyberforensics, improve defenses, and deal with the legal ramifications of a data breach doesn’t convey the cost felt by individual customers involved — and we’re not talking just financially.

For individuals, the costs can be more personal. And while financial damage may be a factor, individual victims may face targeted phishing campaigns, social engineering schemes, or identity theft. 

Here’s how data breaches occur, how they can impact you, and what you can do in the aftermath. 

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How to find out if you’ve been involved in a data breach

Typically, your service provider will contact you through email or letters, explaining that your information has been compromised. However, companies may take weeks or months to contact you — if at

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