Welcome to our 8th Annual Data Security Incident Response (DSIR) Report. What a year it has been!

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Click the image to download the 2022 DSIR Report.

2021 did not turn out the way many of us had hoped. Best-laid plans to “return to normal” were postponed numerous times due to multiple waves of COVID-19 outbreaks and new variants. The steady frequency of ransomware attacks in 2020 continued into 2021, highlighting the serious ongoing threat cyberattacks pose. The most frequent client requests this year included assistance with the ransom “pay-no pay” decision tree, OFAC compliance, and ransomware playbooks. The war in Ukraine and the responsive government sanctions have already increased interest in these topics, and we expect that to continue through 2022.

Despite these challenges, our clients continue to be resilient and more strategic in their approach to security than in the past. Clients are taking time to understand the best steps to secure their networks, and are relying on the information learned from others’ mistakes to guide their approach. Most significantly, perhaps, clients are becoming more nimble in their approach because of

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