Web App Vs. Progressive Web App: How Are They Different?

Technology is developing and advancing tremendously. New inventions are delivered to the market every year and all of these improve the entire domain a lot. But because there are so many options and opportunities on the market, you might end up feeling more confused than at the beginning. 

Which one is the right option for you? How can you improve the website of your business so that it will attract more customers? How can you enhance the overall customer experience? Well, these are some very good questions. And you can find the answers to all of them in technology. 

Today, the great majority of people are using their smartphones to navigate the internet, order food or clothes, or find an available cab. So, web developers and business owners are looking for ways to make the online experience more engaging and pleasant for their customers. And because everyone is looking to do this, there are new solutions on the market. 

And Progressive Web Apps (PWA) will surely rule the future. For now, they are still at the beginning but are slowly gaining more momentum in the development world. So, what is PWA? How is it different from a regular web app? You will find the answers to these questions and many more details on this topic below. 

Regular Web Apps 

The first thing we need to shed more light on is regular web apps. To make the comparison between these and PWAs, we need to share more information

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