Weaponizing Reflected XSS to Account Takeover

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Hi fellow hunters, this is my first writeup for the community in which I will explain how I found a reflected cross site scripting bug and further escalated it to achieve account takeover of any user on the website.

The target I was testing was a private program having a single main domain so, I will refer to it as www.redacted.com throughout this blog so let’s get started.

Finding Reflected XSS

Parameter Discovery

During the recon phase, I fired up burpsuite proxy and added www.redacted.com to the scope and started surfing the website to capture traffic. To find XSS, I normally use a Burp Suite PRO extension called “Reflected Parameters” which monitors in-scope requests traffic generated by the proxy and looks for request parameter values that are reflected in the response.

Reflected Parameters Extension

So, while capturing the traffic I came upon a parameter named blogPostId whose value was reflected in the JS context.

Reflection took place in JS context

I decided to further test this parameter by using a small string with a set of special

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