VVD wants Russian hackers on European sanctions list

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The VVD wants to crack down on Russian hackers. If it is up to the liberals, they will be placed on the European sanctions list, just like rich Russian oligarchs. They can then no longer access their money, which is often in European accounts.

Dutch business target of Russian hackers

Dutch companies and organizations are regularly targeted by Russian hackers. Take, for example, Leiden University, which stole data from the educational institution in the summer of 2021. The supply chain attack on ICT service provider Kaseya caused hundreds of victims worldwide last year, including dozens of Dutch companies. And more recently, several housing associations have been attacked by Russian hackers. Reportedly, they demand 15 million euros in ransom to not make the stolen data (about 200 GB) public.

And that’s just the tip of the iceberg. Not only do Russian hackers leave a trail of misery, they also earn millions from it. They make no secret of their wealth, as evidenced by videos they post online in which they show off their illegally amassed wealth.

VVD wants to ‘grab the neck of Russian hackers’

The VVD finds this unacceptable and wants to tackle young Russian hackers seriously. “These are hackers who daily attack companies in the Netherlands, our SMEs, our municipalities, and our universities. Purely to win money. They are common criminals, but digital. We know where they are, so we have to make sure that the life of those criminals is made as difficult as possible,” Queeny Rajkowski of the VVD told RTL Nieuws.

She wants to deal with Russian hackers just as hard as

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