VMware overhauls Workspace One for better performance

VMware has revamped its Workspace One mobile and virtual desktop platform by boosting performance, making it more service-oriented and easy to manage.

Workspace One is VMware’s endpoint-management package for delivering, managing and securing application access to any device across the a cloud or distributed on-premises enterprise. The highly-integrated suite includes device management, single sign-on, remote access control, endpoint security, analytics, automation and virtualization.

The changing way workers are using and accessing applications from multiple devices prompted the over-arching need to change Workspace One and how its services are delivered.

“Over the past decade we’ve seen tremendous growth in mobile and desktop endpoints managed and secured by Workspace ONE. While the heterogeneity of endpoints expanded horizontally, we also saw the number of endpoints scale vertically for every one of our customers. This clearly called for a much more powerful architecture that would perform at scale and thrive in this ever-growing endpoint complexity,” wrote Naveen Pitchandi director of product, VMware Workspace ONE unified endpoint management (UEM) in a blog about the news. 

The upgrades inhclude containerized Workspace ONE SaaS microservices architecture that VMware says is designed to drive a 10-fold improvement in performance and scale. Device management and screen loads now occur in a fraction of seconds even for environments with millions of devices, Pitchandi stated.

And with containerization, changes to a particular component impact that component only. That lowers the risks involved in changes and helps test each isolated use case more thoroughly. It is also easier to

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