Viewing K8S Cluster Security from the Perspective of Attackers (Part 1)

As a representative of cloud-native management and orchestration systems, Kubernetes (K8S for short) is receiving more and more attention. A report [1] shows that 96% of organizations are using or evaluating K8S, and its market share in production environments is Visible.

The functions of K8S are very powerful, and its system complexity is also high. Generally speaking, the more complex the program, the easier it is to have security problems. Naturally, K8S clusters also face serious security threats, such as unauthorized access to K8S components, container escape, and lateral attacks. We say that offense and defense are mutually reinforcing and coexisting. As relevant security personnel, we should first grasp the security threats that the business architecture may face as a whole before we can do an excellent job in defense. This article will talk about the possible attack points under the K8S cluster architecture from the perspective of an attacker.

Based on previous penetration testing experience, we have sorted out the possible security issues under the K8S cluster architecture and marked the potential attack points in the K8S cluster infrastructure

This article is divided into two parts: the first part and the second part. This part is the first part. It mainly introduces attacks on K8S components, external services of nodes, business pods, and container escape, which correspond to attack points 1-7 in Figure 1. The rest will be introduced in the next chapter.

Attack point: attack K8S components

The problem of K8S components mainly refers to the insecure configuration of

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