Video pirates are not selective: our cinema also suffers from illegal immigrants

After the departure of Netflix, users are again hooked on a pirate needle. Illegals are illegible. They post not only Hollywood news, but also Russian content. The entire domestic market suffers from this.

Kommersant writes today about the growing demand for pirated content.

“It is paradoxical but true: in order to preserve the domestic film industry, it is necessary to fight piracy and foreign content,” says Alexei Byrdin, director general of the Internet Video Association. “The situation is unprecedented.”

In July, Yandex removed 9 million links with illegal content. This is 40% more than a year ago. According to the anti-piracy memorandum, search engines are required to block “left” links without a court decision. The document was signed in 2018 by copyright holders and Internet platforms. The measure worked – already in 2019, the pirate market in Russia sank by $23.5 million. True, in 2020, illegal immigrants managed to adapt and began to grow again.

“This and probably next year, the figure will grow significantly, given that both video services and offline cinemas have lost all major Western novelties,” says Denis Kuskov, CEO of the TelecomDaily analytical agency. “In the next year or two, the market for pirated content will flourish.”

The concern of the participants of the official market is the growth of pirated content in social networks and instant messengers.

Even in the relatively piracy-free year of 2021, half of online movie theatre users admitted to turning to pirated resources when they couldn’t find a legal version

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