Vice Society Ransomware Group Targets Manufacturing Companies

Vice Society Ransomware Group Targets Manufacturing Companies


In this blog entry, we’d like to highlight our findings on Vice Society, which includes an end-to-end infection diagram that we were able to create using Trend Micro internal telemetry.

By: Ieriz Nicolle Gonzalez, Paul Pajares, Arianne Dela Cruz, Warren Sto.Tomas January 24, 2023 Read time:  ( words)

The Vice Society ransomware group made headlines in late 2022 and early 2023 during a spate of attacks against several targets, such as the one that affected the rapid transit system in San Francisco. Most reports have the threat actor focusing its efforts on the education and the healthcare industries. However, through Trend Micro’s telemetry data, we have evidence that the group is also targeting the manufacturing sector, which means that they have capability and desire to penetrate different industries — most likely accomplished via the purchasing of compromised credentials from underground channels. We have detected the presence of Vice Society in Brazil (primarily affecting the country’s manufacturing industry), Argentina, Switzerland, and Israel. 

Vice Society, which was initially reported to be exploiting the PrintNightmare vulnerability in their routines, have previously deployed ransomware variants such as Hello Kitty/Five Hands and Zeppelin (the group’s email has been in their ransom notes). More recently, Vice Society has been able to develop its own custom ransomware builder and adopt more robust encryption methods. This, and any further enhancements, could mean that the group is preparing

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