Venezuelan authorities announced a cyberattack on the country’s main bank

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A cyberattack on the financial system of the Venezuelan government was called a “terrorist attack”. This was announced on September 18 by the press service of the country’s prosecutor’s office.

It is specified that the terrorist attack on the national financial system, including on the platform of the main bank of Venezuela, took place on the afternoon of September 17. According to preliminary data, the attackers could not access the accounts and services of the bank, as well as conduct transactions.

The attack has now been stopped, and access to all banking services is being restored. The authorities guarantee citizens the safety of their accounts and bank data. The Venezuelan prosecutor’s office has launched an investigation into the causes and circumstances of the case.

Earlier media reported that at least two powerful cyberattacks were carried out on electronic voting services in Russia.

History of the issue

Information technology crimes include unauthorized access to information and bank accounts, the spread of malicious viruses, spam and illegal information, and network tampering with

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