User forgetfulness drives preference for biometrics over passwords

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More than half of consumers have had to reset their password at least once a month because they struggle to remember it, with just 6% describing this form of authentication as safe. 

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Instead, 53% believed fingerprint scans were more secure than passwords, while 47% chose facial recognition, revealed an Entrust Cybersecurity Institute study that polled 1,450 respondents across 12 global markets. These included France, the US, and the UK, as well as 400 respondents from four Asia-Pacific cities in Singapore, Australia, Japan, and Indonesia.

Interestingly, 41% saw 4- or 6-digit PIN codes as more secure than passwords. 

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The survey revealed that 51% reset their password at least once a month because they could not remember it, including 15% who did so weekly. 

Across the four Asia-Pacific markets, 41% admitted to resetting their password at least once monthly while almost 10% did so weekly. Presented with a choice between biometrics or passwords, some 75% would opt for the former at least half the time, while a third would choose biometrics whenever available. 

Globally, 58% would choose biometrics over passwords at least half the time and 33% would always do so, with 16% saying they would never select biometrics.

Amongst those who opted against doing so, a third described biometrics as more cumbersome than passwords, while 22% said their

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