User Data For 200 Million Twitter Users Just Went Up For Sale

Photo: David Odisho (Getty Images)

It turns out that Twitter—a company currently enduring more than one major headache—has a pretty bad data breach on its hands. It could impact hundreds of millions of users and lead to major security issues for the platform but, despite its severity, it’s been easy to miss amidst the flood of other scandals and controversies plaguing the social media giant. Still, if you use the bird app, this is one mess you’re definitely gonna want to pay attention to.

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The short version of the latest drama is this: data stolen from Twitter more than a year ago found its way onto a major dark web marketplace this week. The asking price? The crypto equivalent of $2. In other words, it’s basically being given away for free. The hacker who posted the data haul, a user who goes by the moniker “StayMad,” shared the data on the market “Breached,” where anyone can now purchase and peruse it. The cache is estimated to cover at least 235 million people’s information.

While a lot of details are still missing from this unfortunate saga, we’ve pulled together a short rundown on what you might need to know about Twitter’s security debacle—the latest in a long string.


What information was compromised?


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