US Federal Trade Commission sues data broker Kochava

US Federal Trade Commission sues data broker Kochava

According to a complaint filed against Kochava, the company collects data from hundreds of millions of devices. If a Kochava customer pays for a $25,000 subscription, they will receive data that can identify millions of people and track their movements using a stream of data collected from online data marketplaces (such as AWS Marketplace).

The US Federal Trade Commission (FTC) notes that data provided by Kochava exposes people to threats of harassment, discrimination, job loss, and even physical violence.

The description of Kochava’s services on the online marketplace states that the company offers an extensive geodatabase covering billions of devices worldwide.

With its lawsuit, the FTC is trying to stop the sale of sensitive geodata and force Kochava to delete all the information it has collected. The FTC emphasizes that the location data provided by Kochava is not anonymized, allowing Kochava customers to match it to the mobile device’s MAID (Mobile Advertising Identifier) ​​to identify its user.

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