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4 – 7 min read 2232 09/13/2021

Cloud and container adoption is on the rise, as organizations are increasingly recognizing the potential for rapid growth and evolution that cloud-based infrastructure offers. That being said, along with these advantages comes significant security challenges.

The modern cloud-native attack surface is complex and difficult to secure with many “moving pieces” including endpoints, servers, containers and cloud providers. This makes integrating Threat Intelligence data gathered from all of these surfaces and evaluating potential security and compliance risks and active threats no easy task. Not only is risk harder to identify and evaluate in cloud and container environments, security vulnerabilities, malware and other threats that are also easier to inadvertently inherit from common layers and shared components frequently used in container builds.

To better understand the modern cloud-native attack surface and what is required to close security and observability gaps across cloud-native infrastructure, LinuxSecurity researchers had the privilege of

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