Upgrading my network to 2.5Gbps with the fastest small business and residential firewall: Firewalla Gold Plus

In February of 2022, we looked at some of the best DNS blockers and firewalls for securing your small business and residential network. Among our list of recommended hardware firewall products that were easy to configure and provide the highest performance for a small business or residential broadband connection was Firewalla, a family of products made by a group of former Cisco engineers.

It should be noted that high-speed broadband does not require a high-speed firewall device. One could go “naked” without the Firewalla, directly connecting to the service provider’s high-speed residential gateway and using its simple NAT-based firewall; however, that’s not a configuration I would recommend in today’s threat actor-rich environment as a small business — anyone can be a target.

I like Firewalla because it is straightforward to install, isn’t particularly expensive, and has no ongoing fees. Unlike the DNS blocking solutions detailed in that article, it is an actual embedded Linux, IP-based rules firewall with advanced intrusion detection capabilities that can monitor every device on your home or small business network. Their products are also very fast, which means you get wire-line performance over the monitored connection; there’s no significant degradation as you might find with a purely software-based firewall solution, which should be a bare minimum when considering protecting your business and home broadband connection.

Firewalla web user interface (dashboard view)

Jason Perlow/ZDNET

Firewalla also has an excellent app for mobile devices to administrate it

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