Updated CDR rules to allow accredited participants to appoint representatives

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The Australian government has updated the Consumer Data Right (CDR) rules, with accredited CDR participants now able to sponsor other parties to become accredited or allow them to operate as their representative.

Parties that are representatives of accredited data recipients (ADRs) will be able to access and use CDR data without accreditation so long as they offer CDR-related services, which the government hopes will increase industry participation in the CDR.

Previously, only ADRs have been able to receive consumers’ data from a data holder and make use of it in their own products or services.

The CDR is a government initiative aimed at allowing individuals to “own” their data by granting them open access to their banking, energy, phone, and internet transactions, as well as the right to control who can have it and who can use it.

The Federal Treasury, the lead agency in rolling out the initiative, envisions the CDR as being a tool that will

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