Union-based SQL Injection – Guide To Understanding & Mitigating Such Attacks

Union-based SQL Injections and how to prevent these attacks

Jun 13, 2022

9 min read

Sudip Sengupta

In this article:

Structured Query Language (SQL) is one of the most popular components of most modern tech stacks as it offers a simple, powerful, and expressive language for data processing. The language allows developers to easily create, manage, and manipulate relational databases, streamlining application data storage and access. However, albeit the benefits, there are fundamental security challenges on a SQL-based application stack.

Applications that add user input to SQL statements without adequate validation are typically one of the most common targets of SQL Injection Union attacks. In such instances, adversaries can send malicious commands to the backend database or webserver to extract classified information, perform unauthorized privileged functions or even manipulate the server’s OS. 

This article discusses a SQL Injection Union attack, how such attacks are executed, various forms of such attacks, and prevention strategies.

What Is SQL Injection?

SQL injection (SQLi) is a web security vulnerability that enables attackers to manipulate an application’s backend by altering the queries sent to the database. One of the most common methods of orchestrating such attacks is by inserting a malicious SQL query as input data to the vulnerable SQL application that eventually adversely affects the execution of a predefined legitimate SQL query. The attack subsequently allows hackers to compromise

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