Understanding the Economic Impact of Credential Stuffing Attacks

Credential stuffing attacks have become more common, posing severe personal and corporate security risks. This serious form of cyberattack uses sets of stolen or leaked credentials to log in to users’ accounts.  A study revealed that more than 15 billion stolen credentials are spreading on the web. 

Anastasios Arampatzis

A key reason behind credential stuffing attacks is bad password hygiene – people often use weak passwords or reuse them across multiple accounts.  One survey revealed that most users simultaneously reuse the same login credentials for different services. As long as this approach continues, credential stuffing attacks will keep rising.  A report from Akamai indicates that these attacks rose by 49% in 2020, over the previous year.

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The Costs of Credential Stuffing Attacks

Credential stuffing is a common tactic used to take over a target’s accounts. The attackers use automation tools to input thousands of compromised credentials into different websites at once. Rather than inserting multiple credentials into one site and risking an account lockout, this method works in the opposite direction by spreading a single credential set across multiple destinations.  This increases the chances of success. Once the threat actor takes hold of an account, they start performing fraudulent activities, often unbeknownst to the victim. 

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