Understanding Insider Risk and How To Prepare For It

Your technology department has built defenses to manage threats from multiple angles, like scams and phishing links. But sometimes, the threat comes from a lot closer to home: insider risks. 

It’s easy to forget that employee missteps — like losing their work phone or sharing their passwords — can create a lot of security problems. But insider risks are a significant source of cybersecurity headaches, so your GRC software should help insider risk management and mitigate the damage.

What is Insider Risk? 

Insider risk is any action that your employees, contractors, or vendors take that puts you at risk of a breach. And no, this doesn’t have to be malicious! Employees are humans, after all, and can have accidents that can expose your data.

Regardless, data breaches often happen because of human carelessness. With insider risk assessments, though, you can identify which humans in your organizations are a bigger threat to data breaches. 

Like Doug, who refuses to use a VPN or secure Wi-Fi when he’s working in a coffee shop

Every time you add new users to your network, you could open yourself up to more risks. It’s like giving 50 of your friends the keys to your house and expecting everyone to lock up 100% of the time. They’re going to forget to lock the door, or they’ll leave a window open because they’re human — and that’s why organizations should take insider risk management seriously. 

4 Tips to Protect Your Business From Insider Risks

There’s no need to

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