Ukrainian police arrest hackers posing as EU

Ukrainian police have arrested nine men involved in a large-scale phishing operation. The cybercriminals sent fake messages to thousands of Ukrainians, offering them money. The fraudsters pretended to speak on behalf of the European Union (EU).

That writes the Ukrainian police on its website.

More than 400 fake pages in circulation

The war in Ukraine has left much of the country in ruins. As if that weren’t enough, cybercriminals try to cash in on the misery of the population left behind. They proceeded as follows.

The scammers sent a fake message containing a rogue URL to a homemade Internet page. They said they were collaborators for the European Union and promised recipients an undisclosed amount of money. To be eligible, all they had to do was click on the link in the email and fill in their details.

Victims were redirected to a counterfeit page that was almost indistinguishable from the real one. They had to fill in their personal and bank details via an online form, and then they would automatically receive money. In total, the cyber criminals created more than 400 fake pages.

Victims 3.3 million euros lighter

In reality, it was a phishing message, intended to collect as much data as possible from potential victims. Once in possession of this information, the cyber criminals looted their victims’ bank accounts.

According to the national bank, which assisted the Ukrainian police in the investigation, at least 5,000 Ukrainians have been victims of this phishing scam. Together they have lost more than 3.3 million euros.

At the end of June,

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