Ukraine will identify Russians with facial recognition

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Ukraine uses facial recognition in the war against Russia. The Department of Defense has been using the facial recognition software from the company Clearview AI since last Saturday. Clearview’s CEO reported this to the Reuters news agency. Ukraine uses the software, among other things, to identify Russian soldiers.

Track down attackers and identify the dead

Clearview AI, an American startup, offered its services to Ukraine itself. The technology will enable the country to track down Russian soldiers, counter disinformation and identify victims. Ukraine will get free access to Clearview AI’s faces search engine, Clearview adviser and former diplomat Lee Wolosky told Reuters. He added that this search engine allows authorities to identify ‘persons of interest’ at checkpoints.

After Russia invaded Ukraine, Clearview chief executive Hoan Ton-That sent a letter to Kiev offering help. This got things rolling. In the letter, Ton-That said the technology could be used for a variety of purposes. He wrote, among other things, about reuniting refugees who have been separated from their families. He also mentioned identifying Russian soldiers and helping to debunk fake news on social media related to the war.

The exact purpose for which the Ukrainian Defense Ministry is using the technology is unclear, according to Ton-That. Other parts of the Ukrainian government are expected to deploy facial recognition technology in the coming days, Ton-That and Wolosky told Reuters.

Clearview does not offer its services to Russia.

Huge database of Russian social media

According to Ton-That, co-founder of Clearview, his startup has more than two billion images from the Russian social media service VKontakte at its disposal. In

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