Ukraine hit by cyber attack: Ministry and banks sites offline

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Two Ukrainian banks and the Ministry of Defense were hit by a cyberattack on Tuesday. The websites of the authorities were so overloaded that they were offline. This is reported by Reuters news agency, among others. It is not known who is responsible for the attacks, but Russian involvement has not been ruled out.

Sites affected by DDoS attack

Ukrainian authorities reported a so-called DDoS attack on Tuesday. DDoS stands for  Distributed Denial of Service. In these types of attacks, a website has to deal with a huge amount of visitors, usually from a botnet, which overloads the site. The result is that the website becomes very slow, or even goes offline.

The website of the Ukrainian Ministry of Defense showed a message on its homepage stating that it was undergoing maintenance. The ministry said on Twitter that the website was apparently a cyber-attack and said it was working to restore access.

Two banks, Oschadbank and PrivatBank, were also offline due to a DDoS attack. Oschadbank confirmed the cyber attack and said it resulted in some systems slowing down. According to the strategic communication centre, PrivatBank customers had problems with payments and with the bank’s app. In the end, the websites of the banks and the ministry were inaccessible for hours.

Cyber-attacks may have been carried out by Russia

While it is not clear who is behind the attacks, Ukrainian authorities are pointing to Russia. “It cannot be ruled out that the aggressor has turned to a tactic of small dirty tricks because his aggressive plans do

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