UK Teen Arrested Amid Uber and GTA 6 Hacking Saga

The City of London Police has arrested a seventeen-year-old teenager over suspicion of hacking amid the recent security breaches at Uber and Rockstar Games’ GTA 6. It is worth noting that the teen’s role in these hacks is still not confirmed.

Arrest Details

The teen was arrested from Oxfordshire and is still in police custody. However, the officials haven’t yet shared more details on the arrest and declined to confirm if the teen was arrested for the recent high-profile hacking incidents including Uber and Rockstar Games’ GTA 6.

According to the department’s tweet, the arrest was part of an ongoing investigation carried out in collaboration with the cybercrime unit of the National Crime Agency, UK. The police shared no other detail.

For your information, a couple of months ago, London police arrested and released 7 teens in connection with an investigation into the LAPSUS$ hacking gang.

Lapsus$ is a notorious group of teen hackers that mainly hunts for the source code of high-profile and large tech firms. Some of its previous and successful attacks include SamsungMicrosoftNvidiaOkta, and Ubisoft.

The Uber and GTA 6 hacker had also claimed to have access to the source code of both companies.

Uber and Rockstar Games Hacking

Uber hacking resulted in the halting of the company’s internal systems for some time. In contrast, Rockstar Games suffered a network intrusion that caused the leaking of unreleased footage of Grand Theft Auto 6.

The two hacks are believed to be committed by the same hacker,

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