UK Supreme Court halts billion-dollar privacy class action against Google

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The United Kingdom’s Supreme Court denied a claim Wednesday that sought billions of dollars in damages in a class-action lawsuit against Google over alleged illegal tracking of millions of iPhone users. The 3 billion GBP ($4 billion) lawsuit, which was filed on behalf of 4.4 million residents in England and Wales, had implications for other class-action lawsuits filed in the U.K. 

Judge George Leggatt said the claimant did not prove damages to the individuals involved in the data collection.

“The claimants seeks damages,” Leggatt said, “for each individual member of the represented class without attempting to show that any wrongful use was made by Google of personal data relating to that individual or that the individual suffered any material damage or distress as a result of a breach.” Leggatt also said, “Without proof of these matters, a claim for damages cannot succeed.” 

According to the BBC, Google said, “This claim was related to events that took place a decade ago and that we addressed

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